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fl600 8fl600w

Linux Thin client FL600 Specification: FL600 Data Sheet CPU Quad core 1.6G Graphics Chips MALI400 mp4 Memory Ram 1G Flash 8G Display resolution VGA 800*600/1024*768/1366*768/1440*900/1280*1024,1280*720,1920 x 1080,60 Hz;color depth:32 bpp HDMI 1280*720,1920 x 1080, 60 Hz;color depth:32 bpp Working Ethernet 100mbps AUDIO Standard 3.5 audio input USB 3* USB2.0 Power 5V/2.5A (port:ID 2.5mm,OD 5.5mm) Power Consumption Static < 5W,Maximum < 7.5W Temperature -20~+50℃ Humidity 10%~80% Strepitus 0db Language Support Chinese、English、Japanese、Thai、French、Portuguese Appearance Port HDMI VGA USB*3 RJ45 power port switch Size 164×116×32MM Weight Host pc 200G Material Plastic / Aluminum alloy(optional) Accessory Host PC 1pc bracket 1pair Power 1pc Screw 1bag(8pcs) Package box 1pc Factory price Advantages of FL600: 1. No license. needn’t to buy expensive license fee. 2. High config with lower price from muanfacturer factory! 3. Excellent performance makes it equal to Host pc. 4. Lowest maintain cost. 5. Data and information security 6.Online video play from Server by RDP 8.0,VMware,Citrix,Spice. 7.Can apply for office,factory,multi-media,ADs,Educational institutions. 3)The Strong functions for FL600: 1.Support printer under WIN 7/WIN 8;Support touch monitor of Elo;It can support instant communicate tools.The microphone can working(only with ultimate WIN7 32bit /2008),Such as Skype. 2.Support onlinestreaming video when connecting with server.(all OS)In China,this is the first thin client that supports streaming video (HDMI) after connecting with server. 3.RDP 8.0, 32bit color depth(WIN 7/2008),If XP OS,support 24bit color depth. 4.Support WIN 7/WIN 8/XP/2008/2000/2003 etc. · Quad Core CPU with 1GB DRAM and 8GB HD. · Word, Excel and Powerpoint are pre-installed. · Easy to use.No Pop-ups and No Viruses. · Wireless Connectivity, Ultra Low Power Consumption and Fanless.

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