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نقد و بررسی


Product picture gallery:




Applicable locations:
Conference Room



Audiovisul reaching room


Computer room

Enterprise and institution


Reading room


Party and goverment departments


Student dormitory


Computer training center


Server Configuration for Acro N130:

User Number




Below 10 users

Intel Dual Core 2.9GHZ or above

2GB-4 GB


10-20 users

Core i3 3.0GHZ or above



20-30 users

Core i5 3.0GHZ or above



30-50 users

Xenon 3.0GHZ or above



NC120 Introduction:

Tap the vast unused power of your standard PCS. 80% of your hardwware cost versus buying a Pc or equivalent PC maintainance cost ups cost orginal software cost much much more It could turn 1 pc into 2-30 pc or more It is based on the host computer ,share the information resources with the host , one host can serve up to 10 network PC share terminals (Windows 2000/2003 server edition can serve up to 30 terminals ) , each user can visit host resources safely,independently and synchronously. It is a computer without CPU Hard drive enabling the user to surf the internet, play games and can realize internet application of ASP instant messenger private email and office siute, software photo manager, multimedia software and so on with no need to purchase strandard PC.

The access terminal is connected to standard peripherals like the keyboard, monitor and mouse. A second device can be added to the same PC, so that up to 30 students (1 on the host PC, 29 on each of this ) can share a PC. Like all products, this works with existing PC applications and delivers full PC performance.

NC120 Advantage:

Save the cost of software and hardware, and avoid the software’s user limit
Easy for manage pc, and just control PC host
Save power, 5W per day, no noise
High safe and high encrpytion tachniques, keep data safe
Easy for installation
Supporting lon-distance help, can control terminal
Don’t waste computer resource, and use the many user character of windows
Via reticle, picture can easy to transfer toterminal in a word, this product is very easy to come into marketing. if you are intelligent business man, you
Should be found this product that is very nice. The marketing is not much in the world. We can occupy the marketing at first time.
NC120 system requirements:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or faster (emphasize: multi-threading technology )
RAM: 512MB or lager (It needs 64MB memory when adding a workstation)
Each workstation can connect keyboard, mouse, computer display and loadhailer, connecting multiple workstations work through 100MB fast Ethernet HUB

NC120 Supported operating system:

Windows XP Home/Proffesional
Windows 2000 Proffesional/Server
Windows 2003 Server

NC120 Supported Applications:

Does not support 3D Games and design software, supports all other applications.

NC 120 Support resolution:

16Bit Color, 640*480 ,800*600 ,1024*768

NC 120 Specification:

Max Connection : 30 Terminals Distance limitation : 50Meters Connect Mode : Net cable and 100M bandwidth router or switch. Cant use HUB Power: AC100V ~ AC250V 50 / 60 Hz, 5V / 2A Size: 242mm (W) x 40mm (H) x 133mm (D) Weight: 700g(800A/500A);500-600g(300A/301A) Front: Windows for “Power”, “LAN”, “Ready” status Port: DC Power Jack, Speaker Jack, PS2 Keyboard Port, PS2 Mouse Port, Ethernet ( RJ- 45) Port, VGA Monitor Port. Protocol: WoIP (Windows over IP), LoIP (Linux over IP) Approval: CE, FCC class B Remark: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers are not included in the package.
NC 120 / N130 Package Contain:

Net Computer NC120 Manual Power adapter TFT Mounting Bracket Installation CD

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